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A little about us and a brief history of how we started.
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Our Best Selling

Recommended by us
Vietnamese Milk Coffee

2Vietnamese Milk Coffee

Vietnamita café con leche condensada
Black Milk Tea

14Black Milk Tea

Original negro leche té
Green Tea Frappe

20Green Tea Frappe

Frappuccino de Matcha té verde
Herbal Drink

23Herbal Drink

Alcachofa herbario Bebida
Real Fruit Smoothies

26Real Fruit Smoothies

Elige tu batido de frutas(,...)
Avocado Cream

29Avocado Cream

Crema de aguacate
Spicy Mango

30Spicy Mango

Mango Yogurt

38Mango Yogurt

Yogur de Mango
Thai Milk Tea (Original)

40Thai Milk Tea (Original)

Original Tailandés té de leche


Island’s Egg Puffle

53Island’s Egg Puffle

Island's helado gofre
Peach Lemonade

54Peach Lemonade

Limonada de Durazno
Popcorn chicken

60Popcorn chicken

Palomitas de Pollo
Fruit Juice Lover

561Fruit Juice Lover

Jugo de frutas fusión

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8 April
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  • 08 April, 2021
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Buy 9 get 1 free.

Our New Drinks

Recommended by us
Peach Lemonade

54Peach Lemonade

Limonada de Durazno
Rose Matcha Latte

221Rose Matcha Latte

Rosa y té Matcha latte
Mango Matcha Latte

222Mango Matcha Latte

Mango y té Matcha latte
Lemon Snowie

293Lemon Snowie

Slushy de limón